Search Marketing

There are two main branches to Search Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Advertising, otherwise known as Pay Per Click or PPC.

Search Advertising

Each of the most popular search engines Google, Yahoo! and Bing have their own form of  search advertising

If the answer is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), what are the questions?

The concept of Search engine optimisation has become familiar to many business owners and marketers in recent years. The solution to all your online marketing problems is to be ranked top of Google results, right?

Top on Google?

Well actually ranking high on Google may only be a part solution. There are a number of issues to consider first. There are many SEO agencies who will promise “Top Rank” on Google and take your money. But top rank for what? If you Google your company name you normally come up top or near the top on Google results. Is that what you want, only visits from people who know your company already?

Most people use search engines because they don’t know a name or web address. They search on products or services. So rather than being top only for “Bliss Acupuncture Clinic” you might prefer also to be top for “acupuncture for insomnia” or “acupuncture for weight-loss” as the searchers for these terms are likely to be motivated buyers. But what to choose? Consider experimenting with different phrases to find out what works for you.

Google Adwords

Effective SEO can take 3 -6 months to show results. Take a short-cut and spend some money on Google Adwords where first page position is guaranteed. Measure the results, the visits and the conversions. Once you have uncovered the phrases that work well for your business then insist that your SEO wizard optimizes your site for them, ensuring that you have relevant landing pages and strong calls to action to convert visitors to buyers.

Marketing Process

SEO may be a useful part of your marketing strategy, but consider it as a marketing opportunity that requires research, planning and implementation, not just a technical exercise.

“The Magic is in the Marketing, Not the Technology”