Google Ads for Charities

Did you know that Google offers generous Ad Grants to registered charities in Canada?

Could your organisation use up to $400/day in Google Ad credits?

Emanation can help

We can steer you through the 2 stage registration process until that final email arrives awarding you a daily grant. Some clients have been awarded up to $400/day ad credit on an ongoing basis! The application process takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Ads can be used only on the Google search network (not Display network, nor Youtube) with the maximum clickbid of US$2.

There is no cost for managing your application through to completion. Set-up of your first Google Campaigns by Emanation to spend your grant costs from $250 and there is an ongoing monthly management fee (from $150/month) to ensure that you are getting the best value from your grant.

Is your organisation eligible?

To qualify for a Google Ad grant you need to be a federally registered charity in Canada (with a charity number) and you have to have a working website. Some flexibility to make changes to your website is good too because ads can only be directed there -not to your Facebook page or any other offsite landing page.

If you think your organisation qualifies, call Graeme on 778 918 3547 to find out more.