Beyond Search

Beyond Search Marketing

Over the last 15 years digital marketing has evolved beyond search marketing and the domination of Google.

There is no doubt that Google commands the search engine market – over 85% market share in some countries – but some demographics, particularly younger generations are “searching” for their information on other platforms.

The rise of social media has captured much screen time of the younger demographic who relish the instant communication, peer endorsement and feedback. As organisations such as Facebook and Twitter have grown and become public companies the imperative to earn revenue and make profits has led to increasingly sophisticated platforms for reaching a target market.

Social Marketing, Content marketing, Interest Marketing


Leah Perry : Social & Content Marketer

Digital marketing is no different from traditional offline marketing in the sense that you first identify your audience and how best to reach them efficiently and

At Emanation we have the experts in the strategy, planning and implementation of social, content and interest marketing. Our experience includes working with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger and many more.

We listen to our clients, uncover their needs and their goals. We propose a plan and a budget that sets out the path to reaching their objectives efficiently and cost effectively.

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