Emanation is a marketing consultancy specialising in advice on strategic marketing, search engine marketing and e-commerce for the business and not-for-profit sectors.

All organisations have different resources, different goals and so different needs. We aim to offer an individual service, drawing on our wide experience in the commercial sector in Europe and now in Canada and our demonstrated success of the application of modern marketing techniques in the professional, business and not-for-profit sectors.

Your marketing plan may include web marketing, direct marketing, advertising and PR. Each of these activities can be conducted using a number of media. Increasingly e-mail and web marketing are taking over from more expensive traditional methods. They have one great advantage: they are directly measureable. You know what you get for your marketing spend.

Emanation specialises in Search Engine Marketing. Click here to find out more.

Having a brilliantly designed website is not enough. Organisations frequently spend thousands on a new web site but don’t develop a plan or allocate a budget to promote it.

Does your website perform for your organisation?

Do you have a plan to use the efficiencies of the Internet to your advantage?

If the answer is “no” then ¬†contact¬†Graeme Boyd at Emanation for a free initial consultation.

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“Emanation: The Magic is in the Marketing, not the Technology”